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General energy balancing session

Our general energy balancing session video is available to BUY for just $19.95. Access to this video is included in our subscription model.

Polarity bodywork technique series

Clear step by step instructions in all of the Polarity bodywork techniques. Over 5 hours of video. Subscribe today to begin your journey.

Exclusive Content

Subscribe today to start watching exclusive content, only available here. The complete guide to all polarity bodywork techniques with over 95 Polarity Bodywork Sessions.

T'ai Chi Ruler

The full set of T'ai Chi Ruler exercises. A powerful set of movements that can really benefit any bodyworker as it profoundly increases the energy in your hands and body.

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  • Tai Chi Ruler

    1 video

    A little known, yet highly beneficial form of Chi Kung (Qi Gong) exercise. This elegantly crafted video leads the practitioner through a classic set of Tai Chi Ruler exercises as well as demonstrating the empty hand variations. Using clear diagrams and animation the dynamics of chi circulation ar...

  • The General Energy Balancing session

    1 video

    The General Energy Balancing Session, taken from Polarity Therapy, contains clear step by step instructions on how to mobilise the Life Energy in the whole body for increased vitality and well being. It begins at the head, proceeds to the feet and then moves to the arms and diaphragm area before ...

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